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Lockdown 2.0 is well underway, with the weather continually getting colder, wetter and well shitty-er we all need to hang onto the things that make us happy. For me, that's been constantly trying to keep busy sourcing, photographing, and shipping cool clothes for ye crazy critters.

November has always been a month when people grow shit moustaches, run and cycle and raise money for Men's health. It's great, gives people a reason to get up and get out, regardless of the weather and it brings us together in such a beautiful way. The support and positivity people are giving to each other online truly makes me smile, it's miles from the usual negative comments that often take over most facebook treads in this day and age. So, yeah, go on us! Let's keep it going.

With a lot of investments made in the business lately from new wooden hangers and rails that definitely aren't cheap to new photo studio lighting and a 'proper' camera I am trying to take this to the next level.

After our pop up shop had to be postponed due to god damn covid we gave video calls a go, virtual shopping you could call it. It went well, but only for a day or two. It proved difficult to organise and to let customers get a proper look at the clothes as the lighting sucked.

As we come closer to chirtmas and as lockdown is continuing to have such a profound negative impact on small business in Ireland we have joined the ThinkIrish and Champion Green campaigns which are striving to promote Irish businesses during these difficult times. The one thing we can all do as a country is support local, shop In the small shops, support your friends and families business, don't expect a big discount for doing so either. What goes around comes around, take care of each other and yourself and we'll be flyin' it!

Have a great day.


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