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Everything, absolutely everything begins with an idea.

I've always had a great love for clothes and style. While I'm no Gok Wan, I do have an eye for nice clothes, fashion and style which was one of the main driving factors and inspirations as to why I decided to turn the notion of selling vintage clothes into a reality by establishing first an inventory of old clothes I loved, owned and found.

The next step was creating an Instagram (my preferred social media platform).

Once that was done the real work came in.

Now, before you think to yourself, 'Ahh, taking photos of clothes isn't work', it feckin well is.

From trying to find a suitable backdrop, trips into town searching for a proper photography backdrop failed, using a roll of white paper failed, because it was too light and didn't reflect the light properly. I then tried a snooker table. NOPE.

Next was the search for some card, 3 stores later I found some. 2 sheets of A1 card still, wasn't great, it was too small to use, there was bits of floor in the shot.

This was a disaster.

The final result ended up being accomplished by buying another 2 sheets of A1 card. They were both different shades of white. (of course) But it did the job. FINALLY!

The first photoshoot was boring, slow, my back was sore from bending over folding the clothes, after having to Iron them and wash them of course, trying to find cool and creative ways to position the pieces was fun, the first batch of clothes, 112 items to be exact took about 2 full days to get done.

Then... Oh god, it kills me to think about it, I had to edit every single one of them on my iPhone because they were all rotated upside down. Don't ask why. I don't know how either, I presume I had my phone on auto lock and it had a shit attack.

So, yeah. Editting in and around 400 photos wasn't fun. I had tears in my eyes from staring at the phone for too long. My screentime has never been so high in the past 2 weeks.

But I got it done, I should have mentioned the help I got from Jen, wouldn't have happened without you girl. Cheers for the well lit kitchen for the photoshoot, and of course for the 4/5 shoots you did while I made lunch.

They posts were prepared for Instagram and Depop and I had a competiton for 150 snots up and running to kick the pages into action and draw some attraction. It worked better than expected. Over 400 entries, and 750+ followers to the Instagram page!

Initial sales were amazing! I was in the post office everyday. Half of the stuff was sold in a week and I needed to get another order in! So that's what I did.

The newest stock is great, it's been selling really well too and I'm raging I can't get out and about and get some more items for you lovely people to recycle!

I think it's super important for people to do whatever they can for the environment, with global warming being SUCH a real thing, the science shows it. We, the humans aren't doing a great job at all. We all need to do a little bit, many hands make light work.

So, a bit of my bit has included taking old clothes, that would otherwise be sat around unworn, wash em, iron em, takes pic of em, and post em, so you beautiful people can buy them cheap and give them a second chance at life.

It will stop you buying brand new bits in town and online, which is a huge contributer to the pollution in the world, the stats are mind boggling for the amount of energy, water and other materials that are needed to produce this shit. Sustainable is reusing, and reusing is what we will do. All while keeping our wardrobes fresh af!

I plan to continue growing and expanding 35mm Vintage for the foreseeable future, hopefully, with your support it'll be successful and sustainable.

Thank you for helping me, and thank you for shopping sustainably.

Go us.


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