5 week check in

5 weeks, f i v e weeks, It feels like this thing has been going for much longer, but nope. 14th of March was our first instagram post that set the wheels in motion for what has been the most stressful, exciting, busy and FUN 5 weeks ever.

I'm starting to get to grips with how to best manage the website, instagram, get back to messages and emails, take care of any issues that may pop up. Remove my own ingrained taste and liking of certain styles of clothes and start to realise what actually sells and what is actually liked by the general public and my customers. Rather than just shopping with myself in mind. It's been hard to get used to, but fun.

If you haven't already noticed I've started to try and source much more stuff for the gals of 35mm Vintage as you girlos simply buy and seem to like clothes much more than your better halves ;)

Fleeces, well never have I seen so many fleeces be sold. It's crazy. I'm constantly out of them and find myself buying more literally every single week. Ye have some hunger for them, I'll try to keep you fed.

I really have learnt so, so much over the past few weeks. In many areas of life. Time management is a huge thing, I'm utilising the websites features as much as I can to minimise the workload and organise as much info as possible to most importantly, get your orders (the right orders) out to you as fast as possible.

Customer service and faith in the business is one of the main things I always wanted to be prevalent with 35mm Vintage. I wanted to stand out from the rest, provide a personalised, caring and simply put. Nice, experience for everyone who graced the store with their presence, which is forever getting more and more difficult in this day and age with so much going on all the time.

If you've come this far to even read this blog, then thank you. I hope it's in some way entertaining or interesting for you to read.

And if you haven't then you'll never see this and well... HA!

But ya, that's my second blog post done and dusted I guess.

I love this game, everyday is new, I love handpicking some new bits for you guys, I love the 'bing' sound that my phone and laptop makes when one of you legends make an order. I love the feeling that I've saved you guys money and time by sourcing some seriously nice vintage clothes that were pre loved and now are gonna be loved by you all over again. It makes a difference, a small one, but a difference all the same. You're helping slow down fast fashion, the brutal over production of clothing across the world.

You, my friend. Are doing bits by shopping not only with us, but with any vintage seller, charity shop or swapping clothes with your friends.

Go you, go us.

have a great day.

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